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We connect iconic brands with the world's leading celebrity talent partners for live events and advertising.

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Listed celebrities and public figures.

Talent Booking Services

Celebrity engagement strategists and agents.

We specialize in identifying the right talent or entertainment property for your brand and we negotiate the contract on your behalf to realize your objectives and achieve maximum advertising impact.


• Spokesperson campaigns
• Social media integrations
• Podcast integrations
• Literary negotiations
• Philanthropic partnerships
• Voice overs

• Sponsorships
• VIP experiences
• Private performances
• Event appearances
• Product launches
• Speaking engagements


Access the world's most influential people


Book the biggest live acts in music


Partner with the best names in sports

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Booking Agency. Reimagined.

Endorsco is a global consultancy and platform connecting brands and their marketing agencies to premier influential entertainment and pop culture talent and assets.

Specializing in procurement, insights and measurement, we're growing the world’s leading collaborative celebrity talent procurement network for live events and advertising services.

Born in the Harvard Innovation Lab and cultivated around the world, Endorsco has reinvented the way endorsements are negotiated, with a unique 'agent of agents' model designed to streamline the process for brands, creative agencies, producers and talent.

As a one-stop shop with deep understanding and experience across key business functions intersecting marketing and legal, Endorsco is a commercially-minded agency for the times.


Speak with a booking agent: contact@endorsco.com

Please note that we are only able to fulfil commercial requests.

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Access to talent agents, management contacts, representatives, publicists, celebrity entertainment, live music booking, brand ambassadors, athletes, influencers, speakers bureau, celebrity biography and encyclopedia, and more.

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