Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper

Alexandra Cooper is an American podcaster.

Alexandra Cooper
Alexandra "Alex" Cooper, born on August 21, 1994, in Newtown, Pennsylvania, is a dynamic American podcaster renowned for her groundbreaking podcast "Call Her Daddy." Raised as the youngest of three siblings, her father worked as a TV sports producer and her mother as a psychologist. Cooper's educational journey saw her attending The Pennington School in Mercer County, New Jersey, before pursuing film and television studies at Boston University, where she also showcased her athletic prowess on the school's Division 1 soccer team. After graduating in 2017, Cooper moved to New York City and embarked on a career in advertising sales. However, her true breakthrough came in 2018 with the creation of "Call Her Daddy" alongside her roommate Sofia Franklyn. The podcast, which blends comedy and advice, skyrocketed in popularity under Barstool Sports, witnessing a meteoric rise from 12,000 to 2 million downloads in just two months. In 2021, Cooper's podcasting prowess led to an exclusive $60 million deal with Spotify, catapulting her to the status of the platform's highest-earning female podcaster and one of the most successful women in podcasting. Time Magazine in 2021 recognized her as "arguably the most successful woman in podcasting." Her show not only features high-profile Hollywood talent and influential figures in American popular culture but also significantly boosts guests' streaming numbers. Her notable guests include Miley Cyrus, John Legend, and Christina Aguilera, among others. 2023 marked a new chapter for Cooper with the launch of The Unwell Network, partnering with Spotify’s enterprise platform, Megaphone. This venture has further solidified her position as a formidable force in digital media. In her personal life, Cooper got engaged to producer Matt Kaplan in 2023, adding another dimension to her multifaceted life.
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